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Wolves Spring Training Challenge

By April 2021, 04/01/21, 8:45AM EDT


The New England Wolves are pleased to announce the April 2021, Spring Training Challenge!  This contest is open to all youth hockey players aged 6-16!

Here are the rules:

Each player must commit themselves for 1 month (April 2021) to a healthy, athletic lifestyle and report the results of their week back to Coach Trimble ( at the end of each week.  Winner (the player who has the highest overall totals) will receive a Wolves starter pack which includes apparel, gear, game tickets and much more. 

Here are the activities (you'll keep track of your numbers individually):

* At least 25 Daily pushups 

* At least 25 Daily Squats (bodyweight)

* At least 25 Daily Sit Ups

* Shoot 50 Pucks a Day

* Have "Green" (any vegetable) on your dinner plate

Results and ongoing scores will be posted on the Wolves social media weekly, so remember to send both your scores  (totals for exercises, shots and what you ate) and videos to Coach Trimble.

Have fun with it, and jump start your spring training!  Winners will be posted online and receive their starter pack in the mail!  15minutes a day can win you the Wolves gear and transform your game!!