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Alumni Testimonial- Keaton Cashin

By Staff Reports, 04/21/20, 6:00PM EDT


The Wolves First Ever Captain

Keaton Cashin (Wolves 2011-12) was the first ever Captain in the history of the program.  He would matriculate through the Wolves program and go on to a stellar 4 Year Career at Salem State University.

“I’m glad the program is still going and very successful, I actually took a minute to look online to see all the commitments players have made each year. It’s outstanding to see a program I got to be part of do so well....

So I chose the wolves because I saw a great opportunity to develop my skills and to get noticed by more schools. At the time Steve Jacobs and John Fontas were the coaches. Looking at their background they both had very impressive resumes. Steve Jacobs is a hockey wizard, he knows everything about the game, he has coached several winning teams, along with many professionals. Not to mention his college hockey contacts and his reputation is great. John Fontas is the greatest skills coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His background playing hockey is incredible. His knowledge and skills are amazing, you would think he was a 20 year old by the way he can skate.

I also came off a tough year playing ... and the wolves were my second chance. The idea of taking everything else out of your life and only focusing on hockey for 7 months really grabbed my attention. I was fortunate to be part of the first team in wolf history. I played so much hockey they I felt like I improved 3 years in just 7 months. It got me a great opportunity at salem state university and I can’t thank the wolves program enough for getting me there! I think this is better than any other junior hockey program around. I hope the program continues to grow and give others the same opportunity that I was given!”

- Keaton Cashin - April 19, 2020


Thank you Keaton for your outstanding contributions to the program. We wouldn’t be here without great Alumni!!