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The Wolves and Youth Hockey Volunteering

01/08/2020, 8:30am EST
By Staff Reports

For little more than some pizzas and a thank you, the Wolves JR players volunteer throughout the hockey season with local youth hockey programs and give back to those players who look up to them the most.

Specific programs and events- Learn to Skate, Rochester Youth Hockey Opening Day, Lakes Region Lakers Tuesday Skills and evening street hockey at the Pleasant Street School Fall Festival, the Wolves JR Hockey players have embraced their local community and bonded with the youth players, many who are future Wolves.

”I think it does several things for our boys.” Said Andrew Trimble. “ One- it keeps them active and busy throughout the day, and although they may not realize it now, it impacts these kids in a very positive way.  In relationship building.” Trimble continued, “Two- It inspires our young skaters.  Kids mirror behavior, and if they see someone on the junior team who takes an interest in them and works with them, it inspires them to improve to their level, and also builds a passion for the game.”

Below are some images of the Wolves interaction with their local youth hockey.

Thank you to all involved for allowing our boys the opportunity to assist in these endeavors!!

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