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Wolves EHLP- A Fertile Ground for Development

By Staff Reports, 02/16/23, 12:00PM EST


Since its inception in 2015-16, the EHLP has continually seen the quality of the league, its events and the number of teams rise with each given season.  Moreover, the Wolves have experienced one of the leagues finest runs.  Chock full of success stories, both with its players, its performances and its community involvement.

Both Tim Kunes & Andrew Trimble (Co- Owners of the Program) have been Head Coaches at this level either before or after moving onto coaching the EHL team.  This upward mobility of coaches demonstrates the programs commitment to its athletes at the EHLP level.  "The EHL & EHLP teams are not separate entities within the organization.  Both teams are fluid with players having the ability to earn minutes on each team and being given the same resources including Practice and Skills time, their own locker room, gym access and much more". commented GM Andrew Trimble.

Every year, the Leagues success stories from the player’s perspectives rises  with over 150 athletes developing at the EHLP level, moving onto the EHL and then onto NCAA hockey, but this success couldnt be more evident than with the Wolves who have had a hand in nearly 10% of all the players on the EHLP placement list.  Some of these outstanding hockey playing institutions include; Plymouth State, Fitchburg State, UMass- Dartmouth and many others.  “The year I played in the EHLP developed me as a player more than any other season of my life and took my game and elevated it to be able to play at the college level.”  Blake Harlow- EHLP Wolves Alum/ UMass- Dartmouth Hockey

Many other EHLP alumni have chosen the ACHA or CHF route for their college destinations including some of the finest academic institutions in the US.  In fact, over 50 athletes have come through the Wolves EHLP and been placed directly into ACHA hockey schools with outstanding academic merits that do not offer NCAA Hockey programs, such as New York University, Ohio University, University of Colorado, and Columbia University.  

Two outstanding success stories were members of the Wolves 2018-19 EHLP championship team, Herberts Zeibots and Jan Magnus- Larsen.  Both players developed and played on the Wolves EHLP team and then went directly into European Professional hockey in Estonia and Norway respectively.  “The EHLP was a great chance for me to understand junior hockey in development aspects of my game. In order to take the jump to the EHL level and college hockey, looking back, playing a year in the EHLP was crucial to my future.”  Jack Johansen- EHLP Alum/ Currently at Fitchburg State.

Moreover, the Wolves EHLP team has been involved with Lakes Region Lakers Learn to Skate program, Lakes Region Youth Skills night coaching, thousands of hours of community service and multiple both league and regional awards for their dedication to community service.

Now completing its 8th year of continuous operation, the Wolves EHLP has proven to be a fertile ground for college development and much more.