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Wolves Update- Colin Larson

By Staff Reports, 03/29/21, 6:00AM EDT


Wolves Update- Colin Larson

Here is our most recent update on one of our own, 2002 Birth Year EHLP Goaltender Colin Larson:

"Colin is doing well.  He acts and everything just like he was before.  He continues with PT and they have started to give him a home regimen as well.  He still is not allowed to lift more than 20 lbs. at this time.  He bikes every day and walks on treadmill. He has been doing some push-ups, but not sit ups yet (not cleared for them yet). " from Colin's Mother Shannon

Colin has been sidelined since collapsing at 2020 Training Camp. It soon was discovered that he would need Brain Surgery.

Shannon continued, "We don't have an appointment yet, but they said they would contact us at the end of April early May to schedule an appointment. They will do another scan to make sure everything still looks good.  He hasn't been getting headaches so that is good.  He is not allowed on the ice yet.  They said that should come in May if all goes well."

Undergoing surgery in the Fall of 2020, Colin has committed himself to physical therapy and he and his family have remained confident in a full recovery.

"If I looked at him, I never would have known he had brain surgery in November, but I can't see what is happening on the inside.  His therapist says he is doing well and said he would allow him on the ice, but the doctor said no.  I don't think the doctor realizes, since he lives in the south, how well he skates.  He enjoyed doing the interview with ztending to tell his story and appreciates everyone's support up there.  He is hoping to be back in the fall, but we have to wait for May. " said Shannon.

The Wolves, our players, our fans, our community and our entire Wolves Nation is pulling for you Colin!  Cant wait to get you back in a Wolves Uniform!!  Send your thoughts and prayers to Colin and his family today!