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Wolves Workouts off to a Strong Start

By Staff Reports, 06/17/20, 7:30AM EDT


With Coach Connor Bates running workouts at Wolves Training Center, Coach Lou Loutrel working with the local goaltenders, Coach Guerin running U14 team activities, and Coach Trimble having synthetic ice training, the Wolves and local youth players are off to a great spring of training and development, without using traditional on-ice methods.

" It has been a trying spring with COVID-19." said GM Andrew Trimble, "but it also has been exciting to see kids take an alternative route to self-improvement."  

EHLP Head Coach Connor Bates is running Monday/ Thursday Hockey- Specific Off Ice workouts at Wolves Training Center for all local players.  Many U14 and U16 Wolves have committed to the program and are seeing early gains.

U14 Head Coach John Guerin is running team activities, and has great buy-in from his athletes.  "Lots of new face...theyll come together." said Coach Guerin.

Coach Trimble is working in small groups with his local U16 athletes at his home in Gilford, on the synthetic ice surface he owns in his detached garage.

Coach Lou Loutrel, the Wolves goaltender coach on staff, has been doing 1 on 1 personal goaltender training at the Wolves facility on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Utilizing both the Wolves strength training equipment and synthetic ice sheets.

"I think we will emerge from COVID-19 with players who are chomping at the bit for game action, but also more prepared physically (stronger and better cardio vascular strength) than prior to this crisis.  Theyll also have used different methods for self improvement like off-ice training, shooting boards, super dekers, and much more to improve their game.  Its exciting!" commented Trimble.