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ALUMNI UPDATE- Jan- Magnus Larsen

10/28/2019, 7:45am EDT
By Staff Reports

Wolves Alumni Update- Jan- Magnus Larsen.

The Wolves caught up with 2018-19 EHLP forward Jan- Magnus Larsen, who is enjoying his first season back in Norwary after several years in the US.

"Season is going well, got my first point this week. Other than that the team is doing ok." said Larsen, who is currently playing for the Tonsberg Vikings, a pro team in his native Norway at the Division 2 level.

Larsen played several games at the EHLP level (while he was enrolled at Northwood Prep) in 2017-18 for Coach Tim Kunes, who had starred for several years on Jan- Magnus' hometown team, the Stavanger Oilers.  Larsen then joined the EHLP Wolves in 2018-19 at mid-season, and was integral to their championship run.

He commented, "you guys brought me in mid-season. I'm very thankful for having been a part of the Wolves family.  It really matured me into being ready for the next step!"

Traditionally players go from the EHLP to the EHL and then onto college hockey.  For Larsen, the path was different, as he was able to jump into a level of pro hockey back in his native country. "The players are older and stronger, physically is way higher and just overall tougher to play." Larsen said.  "It took some time to adjust coming from the US , playing with bigger guys but I think ive adapted well into the Norwegian league." Finally Larsen commented, "sorry if the english is off, havent spoken (english) since march."

The Wolves organization wishes Jan- Magnus tremendous success as he continues his academic studies and hockey career back in his native Norway.  Once a Wolf always a Wolf.

Jan- Magnus records his first point for Tonsberg

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